System Requirements
    Installing IIS
       Installing IIS on Windows XP
       Installing IIS on Windows Vista
       Installing IIS on Windows 2003
    Assigning Write Permissions
       Write Permissions for Windows XP
       Write Permissions for Windows Vista
       Write Permissions for Windows 2003
    Creating a Virtual Directory
    Installing the Software
    Upgrading from HelpConsole 2007
    fgfEntering Your Activation Key
    How to run the software
    URL Parameters
    Service Pack History
 Basic Functions
       Creating a New Project
       Copying a Project
       Backing up Your Project
       Uploading a Project
       Setting Project Properties
       Manage Projects Form Password
       Project Templates
    Context-sensitive Help
       Windows Applications
          Windows Application Help Button
          Windows Form Help Button
          Windows Field Help Button
          Windows F1 Application Help
          Windows F1 Form Help
          Windows F1 Field Help
       Web Applications
          Web Application Help Button
          Web Form Help Button
          Web Field Help Button
          Web F1 Application Help
          Web F1 Form Help
          Web F1 Field Help
       Applying Skins
       Customizing an Existing Skin
       Creating a New Skin
    Table of Contents
       Adding a Page
       Adding an External File
       Adding a Website or Webpage
       Embedding another Project
       Renaming a Page
       Deleting a Page
       Page Properties
       Dragging & Dropping Pages
       Cutting and Pasting Pages
       Customizing Page Icons
    Working with Tables
       Adding a Table
       Table Properties
       Cell Properties
    Working with Images
       Adding an Image
       Uploading an Image
       Image Properties
       Adding Hotspots to an Image
    Keywords and Index
       Display Keywords in Edit Mode
       Display Index in Live Mode
       Adding Page Links
       Adding Internet Links
       Adding Email Links
       Adding Document Links
       Removing a Link
       How to Get Support
       Getting Started
          What is a Static Help System?
          What is a Dynamic Help System?
          What is a PDF Manual?
          End-User License Agreement
          How to Order
       Publishing a Static Help System
       Uploading to your Website
       Legacy Help System
       Publishing a Dynamic Help System
       Publishing a PDF Manual
 Advanced Functions
    Movies & Animations
       Adding a Flash Animation
       Adding a Media Animation
       Project Login
       Adding a Project Username
       Editing a Project Username
       Deleting a Project Username
    Security Groups
       Adding a Security Group
       Editing a Security Group
       Deleting a Security group
       User Defined Variables
       System Variables
          Child Page 1
          Child Page 2
    Page Templates
       Customizing a Page Template
       Creating a Page Template
       Customizing the PDF Template
       Page Styles
       Applying Styles
       Treeview Styles
       Pending Reader Comments Report
       Page Status Report
    Conditional Content
       Conditional Pages
       Conditional Text
 Toolbar Reference
    System Toolbar
    Contents Toolbar
    Function Toolbar
    Editor Toolbar
    Skin Editor Toolbar
    Variable Editor Toolbar
    Page Template Editor Toolbar
    General Questions
    Installation Questions

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How to run the software

If HelpConsole 2008 was installed on an individual PC and will be run by one person, the software can be run from the Start Menu as shown below. If HelpConsole 2008 will be run in a network environment from a web server, users need to enter the URL address directly into their browser.

Running from an Individual PC
To run the software from the start menu on a computer that HelpConsole 2008 was installed to, follow the instructions below:

1. Click Start > Programs > HelpConsole 2008 > HelpConsole 2008

2. The HelpConsole 2008 'manage projects' page will appear.

Running from a Web Server 
If HelpConsole 2008 was installed to a web server, users will enter the application URL address directly into their browser.

The syntax is:    http://<servername>/helpconsole2008
Example1:          http://WebServer1/helpconsole2008     (Running on an Intranet)
Example2:          http://www.MyDomain.com/helpconsole2008     (Running on the Internet)
Example3:          http://www.MyDomain.com/helpconsole2008/helpproject1    (open a specific help project)

See also
System Requirements
Installing IIS
Assigning Write Permissions
Creating a Virtual Directory
Installing the Software
Upgrading from HelpConsole 2007
fgfEntering Your Activation Key
URL Parameters
Service Pack History

HelpConsole 2008 - Enterprise Edition

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