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Help Authoring Solutions
Creating a help system for your product or service has never been easier! Design and implement a professional online help system or knowledgebase. HelpConsole provides powerful collaboration features that allows anyone within your company to update your help system at any time using a standard browser. 

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Help Systems, Knowledgebases & PDF Manuals

Extreme Ease is a global leader in providing powerful web-based help authoring tools specifically for designing web-based help systems, knowledgebases, and PDF Manuals. HelpConsole represents the next step in the evolution of user assistance. In addition to formats such as web-help and PDF, HelpConsole provides the unique ability to publish 'dynamic help' systems that can be uploaded to an existing website, allowing authors to quickly add content and make changes from anywhere using a standard web-browser.

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HelpConsole 6
One time cost. Install HelpConsole on your own web server.
Subscription Version
Let us host your help system on our web server & pay a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions can also be paid in cryptocurrency. With the growing number of cryptocurrency users, this membership simplifies payment alternatives for digital enthusiasts. Profitable cryptocurrency trading can be started with a demo trading account. Choosing the best demo trading platform is vital to a successful trading career!
Shared Desks
Allow your employees to view and reserve shared desks on a company floorplan.

Now Available !

We're excited to announce the newest version of HelpConsole. There are many significant improvements and new features.  HelpConsole is more than just a support tool—it's a versatile solution for various interests. We've tailored it to cater to diverse needs, including the realm of online slot games. With features designed for easy access to resources and information about เว็บ สล็อต (web slots), HelpConsole enhances your gaming experience effortlessly.

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Key New Features

New database format
Contents Filter
Draft Pages
Improved Approval Process
Compare documents
Help Popup Windows
Improved mobile support
Email notification
Improved search engine
Search suggestions
Preview for Mobile
Improved Mobile editing
Language List variable

Improved Project Management
Recent projects list
Improved Page Editor
Insert YouTube videos
Admin Notifications
New & Improved Reports
Improved stylesheets
File folder Large Files
Improved Comments
Encrypted passwords
Editor sticky notes
Faster Publishing
Toggle Contents variable

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