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Home > Basic Functions > Working with Tables > Adding a Table

Adding a Table

Follow the instructions below to insert a table. In the example below, we'll use a table to create a price list.

1. Click the 'Insert Table' icon.

2. The 'Add Table' dialog will be displayed, use your mouse to define the number of rows and columns.

3. The table will be created. Additional rows and columns can be added at any time, or cells can be deleted at any time.

4. Use your mouse to adjust the width and height of the table. Note: The width and height can also be defined as a percentage of the page size in 'table properties'.

5. Right click in the table, and select 'Set Table properties'

6. The 'Table Wizard' dialog will be displayed. Click the 'Table Properties' tab. Set the table background color, set cellpadding to 1, set cellspacing to 1.

7. Click the 'Cell properties' tab. Set the background color for the top three cells to dark gray. Set the background of every other row to white.

8. List your product names and prices. Images such as a shopping cart can also be inserted into table cells.
Price Purchase
Widget Master Lite $199.99 Buy
Widget Master Professional $499.99 Buy
Widget Master Enterprise $3,299.99 Buy
Widget Master Redistributable $5,399.99 Buy
Support Plan $129.99 Buy

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