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“HelpConsole is one of the most outstanding web help authoring systems I have ever used. We wanted to develop a web help system that worked across multiple browsers, looked sophisticated, was intuitive, and could be developed in a matter of days. HelpConsole did the job.” 

Gerry C. Nesbitt,
Assistant Director – Informatics, University of California San Francisco

"We looked at several products before we chose HelpConsole. We were attracted to HelpConsole's ease of use and flexibility, and the ability for collaborative development over the internet. During our evaluation we found ExtremeEase to be helpful and quick in resolving problems. In essence we wanted a product that satisfied our requirements, and HelpConsole and Extreme Ease did that on all our criteria". 

Greg Parsons,
Maxiplan Technology Group

“We were excited to come across the HelpConsole product after finding there was no simple and cost-effective solution available for our software company.  We wanted our staff to be able to easily access and update the help guide while maintaining a professional look.  Allowing staff to update the guide is key to keeping the software instructions current and useful for everyone.  HelpConsole has been the best solution for us and our clients love it!  It's easy to use and well thought out.  Although we haven't needed a lot of support, when we have, the staff has been friendly and responsive.  We look forward to using HelpConsole ongoing.”

Amy Pate, 
Bonzi Technology, Inc.

“This is a very well designed product that makes it simple to create a robust and flexible help system for any organization. Nice job!" 

George A. Cresto,

Founder & President, MyDealerLot
"I've tried several other Help Authoring packages and found HelpConsole to be the most advanced yet easy to use. I am still developing our Help system, Knowledgebase, and look forward to implementing the F1 context sensitive feature. Thanks for your support and fine workmanship. I highly recommend it."

Joe Portale, 
CEO, Letter-Matics, Inc.

"Help Console is a very simple to use, powerful way to create documentation.  It does everything that we were looking for in other programs at a significantly lower price.” 

Wallene Reimer,
A&B Professional Services, Inc.

“We enjoy using HelpConsole for its ability to share in the process of creating a help system.  We used to use the RoboHelp system and it single threaded all development through one PC as it was far too expensive to put a license on everybody's PC.  It also required you to compile what was developed which took a long time when you had a large help system whereas with your system we can all add content immediately and it is available for our user community immediately.”  

Jerry Ferrell, 
President/CEO, Ferrell Companies, Inc.

“HelpConsole is a breath of fresh air compared to the other Help Authoring Tools that I looked at, which tended to be over-developed and complex. This product is easy to use and has all the necessary features, including the ability to publish both dynamic and static help systems. HelpConsole's centralized, collaborative environment made it an easy choice for our company, and the support staff has been great."

Freddy May,
“I tested both Robohelp and HelpConsole and HelpConsole was obviously the better choice. I was able to start using it immediately with no need for any tutorials. Excellent product!”

John West,
Advantek Solutions

“HelpConsole provides us with the means to get 1st class help documentation done quickly and efficiently, what more can I say!”

Michael Cronin,
Director, Open Sky Data Systems

“After completing our Microsoft.Net software application, we needed to have a help system that would be as user friendly and professional looking as our web application, yet easy to create and maintain.  HelpConsole filled all these requirements and has been a perfect solution to authoring and maintaining our help system.  Thank you for such a fine product!“

Kimberly Burke,
VP Sales & Marketing, Interep Systems

"The task of re-developing all of our tired user guides and updates had daunted us for months. Once we found HelpConsole's 'no brainer' ease of use, our procrastination evaporated and we were migrating, enhancing and developing new content literally within the hour. I kid you not! The 'more info' automatic linkages that it creates just cut huge amounts of time from the process. Check it out - you won't be sorry."

John Sumner
Managing Director, Aegility Performance eLearning