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Desk Booking System
Implementing a floorplan based hotdesking system within your company has never been easier! After adding your floorplans and desks, anyone within your company will be able to quickly reserve desks using a standard web browser.

Why HotDesking?
Hotdesking has become a popular office organization system which involves desks being shared by multiple employees such as remote workers and shift workers, as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk.

Cost Reduction & Efficiency
A primary motivation for hotdesking is cost reduction by paying only for the space you use. Many major companies have also implemented hotdesking in order to promote greater efficiency and teamwork.

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Desk Booking System
Allow your staff to quickly view which desks are available from anywhere at any time using a standard web browser. Your employees can easily select a desk on the floorplan to book it.

Shared Desks
  • Available (green pin)
  • Booked (red pin)
  • My Reservation (yellow checkmark)

  • Security Groups
  • User Accounts
  • Public User Account

Mobile Desk Booking 
Book a desk from anywhere using a smart phone, mobile device, or tablet. Your staff can easily reserve desks, and manage their reservations on the go. The CompanyFloorplan interface is automatically formatted to fit the smaller screen.

Find Available Desks
Allow employees to find available desks on interactive floorplans. Staff can book a desk ahead of time, or when they arrive at the office, using a desktop or mobile device.

My Reservations
Employees can view and manage their upcoming desk reservations using the ‘My Reservations’ screen. Administrators can see desk reservations for all employees. By default, future reservations are displayed, however past reservations can also be viewed and managed.

Desk Information
Before booking a desk, employees can view desk details such as extension, desk image, etc. Administrators with the ‘Manage Desks’ permission can edit desk details.

Extensive Security
CompanyFloorplan has an extensive security model that allows managers to assign specific permissions to each employee (or group of employees). Permissions include Reserve Desks, Backup, Manage Users, Properties, Styles, Manage Desks, Manage Floors