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May 23 2012 - HelpConsole 2012 Released

Extreme Ease Software Inc. announces the release of its newest version of HelpConsole. HelpConsole 2012 offers an easy to use, fast and reliable authoring solution which is revolutionizing the development of instantly updatable help systems through

Nanaimo May 23, 2012 - “In this release, we’ve created a user–friendly help authoring solution that maximizes the productivity of developers and technical writers without having to face a steep learning curve before being able to produce content”, says James Dean, President.
New functionality in HelpConsole 2012 includes:

• New “MS Word” format - Help content can now be published to MS Word format. Once generated through HelpConsole, an MS Word manual can easily be uploaded to a website, emailed to customers, distributed on a CD, etc.

• Improved Paste Function – Using Chrome, images can now be pasted directly from your clipboard.

• Faster PDF Generation

• Mobile Device Help - Systems can be viewed on and automatically formatted for mobile devices including Android and iPhone help systems. Text and images are resized to fit on the smaller screen, and the search box is positioned at the top of the screen.

• Improved Knowledgebase Template - Allows customers to quickly find solutions to product issues without having to submit support tickets.

• Create Restricted Help Systems - Set up a project to require users to login. Restrict all or partial help content until a user logs in.

• Improved Page Editor

• Improved Team Authoring

• Improved Importing – Import content from external sources such as MS Word as well as pages from other projects.

“With this release, we’ve listened carefully to the requirements of our customers. Feedback is the cornerstone of our development research,” says Andrea Logeman, Director of Marketing. “HelpConsole 2012 provides a superior help authoring experience for both new authors and veteran developers. We’ve continued to incorporate our high standards into HelpConsole’s design and functionality.”

About Extreme Ease Software Inc.

Extreme Ease Software Inc. is a privately-held corporation based in Nanaimo, Canada, specializing in the development of web-based help authoring tools. The company’s products allow software developers and organizations to easily generate distributable web help systems and help centers for websites and software applications. HelpConsole is used in over 40 countries by software developers and technical writers worldwide.