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    KB1002 - Access Denied
    KB1003 - Application has generated an exception
    KB1004 - HTML code when running HelpConsole
    KB1005 - Dont have permission to access this page
    KB1006 - How to display sections within a page
    KB1007 -   Required permissions cannot be acquired
    KB1008 - The Application Failed to Initialize Properly
    KB1011 - Request timed out when creating PDF
    KB1012 - PDF links generated as external
    KB1013 - Contents not visible in IE7
    KB1014 - IE5 or IE6 crashes unexpectedly
    KB1015 - IE appears to hang when creating a project
    KB1016 - The website declined to show this webpage
    KB1017 - Text prints small in IE7
    KB1018 - Importing MS Word documents
    KB1019 - Load help based on connection
    KB1020 - Server Application Unavailable
    KB1021 - How to change page margins
    KB1022 - How to display custom page icons
    KB1023 - How to rename the underlying page
    KB1024 - HelpConsole folder permissions
    KB1025 - Define allowed extensions for HelpConsole 2007
    KB1026 - PDF timeout occurs 
    KB1027 - WINDOWS/system32/project1/project.dat is not a valid path
    KB1028 - How to change the session timeout
    KB1029 - Could not load type 'HelpConsole2008._Default1'
    KB1030 - Upgrading HelpConsole 2007 skins
    KB1031 - Define Allowed extensions for HelpConsole 2008
    KB1032 - Applying a HelpConsole 2008 Service Pack
    KB1033 - Define Max Upload Size
    KB1034 - Blank screen when running HelpConsole
    KB1035 - How to Apply Google Analytics
    KB1036 - How to Create a Restricted Help System
    KB1037 - How to Customize Font List
    KB1038 - How to Apply Page Anchors
Home > Help > Basic Functions > Projects > Editing a Project

Editing a Project

Follow the instructions below to open an existing help system project in edit mode.

1. Run HelpConsole 2008 to display the startup form. Click here for more information about running the software

2. Click the help system project in the list that you wish to edit.

3. The selected help project will be opened in live mode.

4. Click the 'login' link, and then enter a username and password that has 'edit contents' and 'edit pages' permissions. By default, the 'admin' username does not have a pasword and has full permissions.

5. Click 'edit page' to edit the currently selected page, or use the 'edit contents' functions to add pages, delete pages and set page properties.

6. After clicking 'edit page', click the 'more' button to access additional toolbar functions.

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