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Restricted Help System

This is an example of a restricted help system that can only be viewed after logging in. You could also configure your help system so that some pages are displayed in 'public' view and some are hidden until the reader logs in.

To view this help system:

1. Click the 'login' link above
2. Enter the username "authorized" (no password)
3. Click 'login'

To create a restricted help system:

1. Add a skin named 'hidden' (Tools > Skins > Add)
2. Add a security group named 'public', set the skin to 'hidden' (Tools > Security Groups > Add)
3. Add a security group named 'authorized', set the skin to 'visible' (Tools > Security Groups > Add)
4. Add a user named 'public', set the security group to 'hidden' (Tools > Users > Add)
5. Add a user named 'authorized', set the security group to 'authorized' (Tools > Users > Add)
6. Uncheck 'hidden' skin for top level folders (or pages) (Highlight page > Click Page Properties icon)

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