System Requirements
    Installing from a CD
    Installing from the Internet
 Basic Functions
    Adding a Page
    Working with Tables
    Editing a Template
    Seleting a Skin
 Advanced Functions
    Advanced Function 1
    Advanced Function 2
    Tutorial 1
    Tutorial 2
    General FAQ
    Installation FAQ
Modular Help Project

This feature is useful if there are sections of your help system that you want to reuse in other help systems. Project modules can be added by clicking the 'add page' icon and can be embedded anywhere within the table of contents at any level. In this example, the 'Installation' and 'Basic Functions' sections are contained within separate help projects.

Notice that even though the 'Installation' and 'Basic Function' pages are contained in a separate project, they are still included in the Index, Search results, Most Popular Pages, Breadcrumbs, Sibling Page list, Child page list, etc.

  1. Click here to edit this demo
2. Click the 'Add Page' icon 
3. Click the 'Show Options' link
4. For 'Page Type' select 'Merge Project'
5. Select 'Demo Japanese Help'
6. Click 'Add Page'

Most popular pages

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