Widget Master Lite
Conditional Content

 This feature is useful if you have variations of a product or service and you want to publish a help system for each. For example you might want to publish a help system for "Widget Master Professional" and "Widget Master Lite". 

 'Lite' Skin Applied

Click here to apply the 'Pro' skin

Conditional Pages:
The 'Lite' skin is currently applied. Notice that only the 'Widget Master Lite' page is displayed in the contents.

Conditional Content:
If the Lite skin is applied, this text will be displayed

  1. Click here to edit this help project
2. Click the 'Edit Page' button
3. Click the 'More' button to display the full toolbar
4. Click the 'Insert Condition' icon
5. Select the 'Pro' checkbox
6. click the 'insert' button